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Since 1916, the craftsmen of Cunill Barcelona have combined artisan traditions with innovation to provide the marketplace with heirloom quality, handmade sterling and silver plated luxuries such as picture frames, personal gift, home decor and baby holloware. Cunill uses sterling made of 94% pure silver versus the legally defined measurment of 92.5%, giving Cunill a much whiter and brighter finish. The thickness of the silver also contributes to the overall value in weight and guarantees the structural integrity of each piece. The silver used for all sterling products ranges between .4 to .8 millimeters thick, much higher than the industry standard. Cunill sterling frames are constructed from a single sheet of pure and refined sterling silver to create a smooth, seamless appearance. This requires the production of a separate tool for each size of each frame. Cunill tools are made of stainless steel which guarantees a crisp, clear pattern in each piece. All Cunill frames are coated with a unique lacquer which prevents tarnishing, yet allows the frames to be fully engraveable. The backs of the frames are also elegantly finished. Cunill uses solid Bubinga, an exotic African wood that is used for all parts of the back, including the easel. The easel backs are thinner at the base and constructed so that the hardware is hidden. Cunill's signature sterling lozenge latches are an extra touch of class. The Cunill signature red gift box is specifically designed to reflect luxury, as each piece is wrapped in a soft red felt, and accompanied by a certifcate of authenticity. Cunill Barcelona is the manufacturer of choice for the finest premiere luxury brands in the world.

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