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Winter Game Birds collection with 15 products
Winter Game Birds
15 products Best Seller
Jaguar Jungle collection with 13 products
Jaguar Jungle
13 products Best Seller
Tiger Raj collection with 11 products
Tiger Raj
11 products
Rainforest collection with 10 products
10 products
Beachcomber collection with 8 products
8 products
Exotica collection with 9 products
9 products
Jaguar Blanc collection with 7 products
Jaguar Blanc
7 products
Butterfly Bamboo collection with 2 products
Butterfly Bamboo
2 products Best Seller
Monkey Business collection with 1 products
Monkey Business
1 product
Parrotdise collection with 11 products
11 products
Canapé Plates collection with 2 products
Canapé Plates
2 products
Cachepots collection with 2 products
2 products
Candles collection with 3 products
3 products
Harmony Bowl collection with 1 products
Harmony Bowl
1 product
Jungle Jubilee collection with 1 products
Jungle Jubilee
1 product
Melamine Trays collection with 5 products
Melamine Trays
5 products

Lynn Chase is a line of tableware items founded by New York-based artist Lynn Chase. Items are directly inspired by her wildlife paintings. Plates and serving pieces in turn become the canvas for monkeys, parrots, and many other animals to play.

A native of New York, Lynn Chase graduated from Bennett College and completed her studies at the New ...... Read More