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About Raynaud
Founded in 1849, the Montjovis manufacture was built on the hill bearing the same name, alongside eleven porcelain manufactures.

Under Napoleon III, it became famous for its technically complex works. This industrial "tour de force" mainly resides in achieving the harmony of colors resulting from years of research, opening the way to infinite combinations of fade-resistant decorations still used by porcelain makers.

The Montjovis kiln is the only one left today, on the original location of the Raynaud manufacture.

Martial Raynaud bought Montjovis in 1919. The firm soon grew to become RAYNAUD & Co in 1925, and stated its ambition with this now well-known hallmark: an R with a laurel branch.

While promoting the firm's international development, he also followed great artistic trends, and created the famous czarina cups, still in the collection.

Andre Raynaud, who succeeded his father in 1952, brought the many facets of his personality to the firm. While preserving its time-honored know-how, he introduced industrial innovations allowing to develop new techniques, to design new creations and reproduce old pieces.

These industrial investments enabled Andre Raynaud to considerably expand his centers of interest: reproduce the East India Company's amazing China copies, design new shapes, the great artists collection, Dali, Cocteau...

Thanks to his curiosity, his bold creations, his industrial vision, Andre Raynaud enabled his firm to enter the international market.

Bertrand Raynaud joined the firm in 1985, and in 1989 was promoted General Manager. He then developed a new marketing policy and set out to give the firm a prestigious image.

In 1992, when the Groupe Ercuis took a participation in Raynaud, Bertrand Raynaud was appointed Chairman of the Board. He is in charge of organizing the firm's participative management and of building its future on Martial Raynaud industrial policy and Andre Raynaud creative policy.

These major objectives made Bertrand Raynaud decide to resolutely turn towards the 21st century. A century he hopes will be one of respect for tradition, intrinsic quality, timeless, world-famous creations, a brand known and recognized as a reference.

Today, Raynaud still makes and decorates in Limoges unique porcelain, with a marked preference for relief shapes and generously colored and gilt decorations. For over two centuries Limoges Porcelain has been the synonym of quality, known and recognized on every continent.
We offer the full Raynaud product catalog via Shop Local